Daisy dukes candid

A hot girl walking around in daisy dukes. Her friend has a nice ass as well.

Candid ass montage

Well there isn’t any music and it is about three videos rather than 100 video clips. So I guess it isn’t your classic 80s montage. Rather it was the best name I could think of for this type of thing. Enjoy these three perfect asses.

Bikini ass fetish

Here’s Part 2 of this sexy tan babe wearing a nice little skimpy bikini. Wonderful ass cheeks bulging out of those thin bikini bottoms. Hope you love her ass…

hot bikini ass

sexy ass in bikini tan

Best ass of 2011

I’m smiling as I type this one because it is just so damn good. If you don’t watch this video you probably haven’t lived. I’m not a life guru or anything, but if I was, this would be the first video I would tell you to watch. The blonde girl in this video has such a plump booty along with a terrific shape and sexy walk, that it would be silly to say much else about it. YOU NEED TO SEE THIS VIDEO. There… so thats that. Like the sunnnn.. it shines… right on her… I even get several angles. WATCH IT NOW! STOP READING THIS! It is crazy if you are still reading this after watching the preview video. Did I mention? Watch the preview video… and don’t come back to this description! I’m serious! Still here are ya? Look man.. there is an awesome ass in light gray spandex just waiting to be viewed by you. The video is over 3 minutes long, there really isn’t much more you can ask for if you’ve come here with candids on the mind in the first place. I give up on you… I’m done typing… enjoy the damn video!




girl bubble butt white

ass pants girl

girls ass in tight sweatpants

white girl bubble butt

gray sweatpants ass